The Lovelab's influence permeates every aspect of life in Santa Barbara.

We have a friend named Chris Miller and he's a lobster fisherman and quite daft, and given to unpredictable bursts of some choler, but, we believe, at heart he is something of an innocent.

And one day he comes into our office and tells us about this dream he had, in which the Lovelab played a significant role.

We asked him to write it down for us.

"Dear Dr. Love, I recently had an unusually vivid dream in which you and your colleague Donna Schroeder appeared. It may have some relation to our discussions about marine reserves for the Channel Islands. So I think it might interest you.

In the first phase of my dream I was sitting in the Santas Kitchen coffee shop at Santa Claus Lane having coffee with Gene Hall (Gene died December 24 1991) who I apprenticed under for lobster fishing at the Islands. I was making a pitch to him to buy wire for traps early this year. Then I was looking out over the ocean at Santa Cruz Island from the road at Santa Claus Lane. A large swell was running.

In the next phase of my dream I was on Santa Cruz Island walking down from the pine tree forest below Pelican Anchorage. The North side of the Island was now facing South, as I looked out to sea the view was what would have normally been above Christies Beech. I was following Donna down the open plain of dried grass toward the sea. She was wearing an ankle length flowing yellow dress. And I observed she had a faint smile and seemed to be in a meditative state. Other people were also coming down the gentle slope from the pine trees. I wondered if we were going to some kind of festival. We came to a tall chain link fence and started to follow it. The other people became more numerous and as I stopped to gaze through the fence Donna became lost in the crowd.

In the final part of my dream I was in a small office that had a dense blue carpet. Donna was lying on the floor in a black form fitting outfit with her arms crossed over her breast in a position that I thought resembled an egyptian mummy in its sarcophagus. Milton and I were making some adjustments to a black hood that covered her head. The hood was a large version of the type used by falconers on their birds. The top was drawn up into a large tassel. Over her left eye was a large round diamond that sent beams of light from it.

I was wondering if this was some kind of magic act and looked over to Milton who suddenly started to disrobe. He had grown in weight two or three fold it seemed, and had a very large belly that reminded me of a statue of buddha. His belly was so large that it obscured his genitals as he had to bend over with some difficulty to drop his pants. I had a brief feeling of panic and averted my eyes. When I looked up Milton was gone and I was holding a half scale replica of Donna's hooded head in my hand. I looked into the glinting diamond holding it at arms length and began to talk to it much like Hamlet's soliloquy. But I could not tell what I was saying. Then I awoke.

At some point in the future I might be able to understand the imagery in this dream as possessing some symbolism for real events. However at this time I wish to refrain from trying to interpret it in any way, to avoid manufacturing a symbolic meaning. It is merely another one of my enjoyable visits to the Love Lab."